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Friday 29 March 2020

Arvo Update 1:34pm


2-3ft ESE and SE windswell with light to moderate S/SE wind wind. Most spots will see poor form but E facing spots (NJ) with good protection from the S wind will see more favorable conditions. Bring your big board. Dense fog so visibility is limited


Dense fog and limited visibility. Please use caution.

Regional Surf Report


Monmouth and Ocean County 

Knee to waist high ESE & SE pre-frontal windswell with sideshore wind and poor-fair form. Best at spots with good wind protection. Dense fog/Limited visibility. 

Atlantic and Cape May County 

Thigh to waist high ESE & SE windswell with onshore wind and poor form. Dense fog/Limited visibility. 

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Queens-Nassau County

Building windswell with onshore wind and poor form. Dense fog/Limited visibility. 

Suffolk County 

Building windswell with onshore wind and poor form. Dense fog/Limited visibility. 

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Later Today Windswell builds. Wind remains southerly.  

FORECAST ALERT SURF ALERT Fun surf on Saturday. Smaller leftovers on Sunday. Check out the Forecast Alert and 72 Hour Surf Forecast below for details.

LONG RANGE FORECAST Tracking another systems that could deliver fun surf next week. Check out the Long Range Forecast below for details.

Water Temp Update  56 degrees. A minimum of a 3mm fullsuit with 3mm boots are required. 3mm gloves and a hood are recommended for the early morning. 


TROPICAL UPDATE Tracking a system that could become Tropical Storm Cristobal. Stay tuned. The full Tropical Update will return in June. 

Swell continues to build today

Fun surf on Saturday

Smaller leftovers on Sunday

Forecast Overview:

RIGHT NOW Surf Alert, but... 

With high pressure dominating the Western Atlantic and the remnants of Tropical Storm Bertha moving moving inland and north, we have a pattern of southerly wind that will continue through the pre-dawn hours on Saturday morning. 


SATURDAY: Surf Alert The current wind forecast shows the southerly wind pattern breaking at dawn then turning SW at dawn then WSW by mid to late morning (just in time for the tide switch). Spots in Monmouth and Northern Ocean County (NJ) should see fun surf through the day. Check out the 72 HOUR SURF FORECAST below for details.


SUNDAY: Another system will move offshore and wind turns NW early then NNW by mid to late morning. Long Island and select spots in Southern NJ should see small but fun surf. Tide will be an issue so timing your sessions is critical.   

Check out the 72 HOUR SURF FORECAST below for details.


NEXT WEEK: Surf Alert Small but longboardable leftovers on Monday. Tracking another system that should push another swell by midweek. I will keep you posted when data becomes more reliable. Stay tuned. 

Check out the 72 HOUR SURF FORECAST below for details.

The Good News: Still plenty of fun surf. We are still seeing fun surf and gradually warming air and water temps. We can expect a few solid swell events before the Summer Doldrums start in late Late June or Early July.  We are also seeing early season tropical systems. 

The Bad News: Wind issues and Fog. As the land mass warms up, the ocean is still pretty cold (56 degrees) so we can expect onshore wind and fog in the mornings. Monitor your local forecast and plan accordingly. 

THE X-FACTORS As we head into summer we will see a mix of swell events. Our region should see a few mid duration (1-2 days) swell events as well as plenty of hit and run, one-day-wonder swell events from locally-generated, fast-moving systems.


The North Pacific has plenty of energy and a few solid storms that should develop and move across the US, but these will slowly taper off as we head into Summer so those larger swell events will begin to become less frequent. 

Attention ProSurf Coaches Clients:

Sessions will resume on Saturday 30 May 2020 

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Your health and safety are our highest priority. Check out our COVID-19 page for more information.  

Swell builds on Friday 

Fun surf on Saturday,

possibly on Sunday

Your health and safety are our highest priority. Check out our COVID-19 page for more information.  

TODAY Surf Alert, but... 

Building pre-frontal windswell with moderate to strong S or SSW wind. Most spots will see poor surf but E facing spots (NJ) with protection from the southerly wind should see surfable, semi-clean conditions. Expect early morning fog. Swell builds through the rest of the day and night. 

NJ Best at spots with good wind protection. Everywhere else will be a mess. 

NY Poor surf with onshore wind

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SATURDAY Surf Alert 

3-4ft S and SE windswell with SSW wind before dawn. Wind is forecast to turn SW by early morning so most spots in Northern Monmouth County should be fun, but expect some morning sickness until the wind does its job. Wind forecast to turn WSW by late morning. Long Island will see poor form (wind issues). Southern NJ will see cleaner conditions when the wind turns more westerly. Swell drops and wind turns SE in the arvo. 

NJ Fun surf further north for the dawn patrol. Southern NJ will see onshore or sideshore wind early but some spots should clean up by mid to late morning as the wind turns more W. 

NY Poor surf with onshore wind early. Wind turns sideshore/onshore by late morning. 

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SUNDAY Surf Alert

2-3ft leftovers with NW wind. NOTE: This forecast is not written in stone so stay tuned. 

NJ Bigger surf, cleaner conditions further south. Bring a big board.  

NY Small and clean. Bring your longboard, fish, or small wave groveler. 

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Small leftovers on Monday. Tracking another storm that could deliver a fun swell event by mid to late week. 

Check out the Long Range Surf Forecast below for details.

NJ See below

NY See below

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Tracking a frontal system

that should deliver more

fun surf next week

Long Range Surf Forecast Update 

See the Forecast Update map above for details. 


NEXT WEEK Surf Alert?

Tracking secondary and tertiary cells of low pressure in the system over the region now, plus there's another group of storms moving across the US now.   See the map above for details. 

NJ Stay tuned

NY Stay tuned

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  • Moderate to strong storms will move over our region fairly regularly

  • Be prepared for short-duration swell events with little lead time

  • Powerful, multi-day swell events are also common

  • Check the Eyeball Surf Report often for updates.

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