ProSurf Coaches was founded in 1999 to provide performance coaching and fast track instruction for recreational surfers. Each coaching program is custom designed for the individual to help them set and achieve goals for their surfing quickly and safely and all or our programs are effective and affordable. ProSurf Coaches is also the only year round surf coaching program serving surfers in both NJ and NY.


Lead Coach Robbie Nelson discovered surfing as an 8 year kid and got immediately hooked. He spent his formative years competing and searching for perfect surf around the planet. Robbie got his first job as a surf instructor in 1990 then became one of the few American graduates of the elite Surfing Australia Level 2 Coaching Coaching Course in 1995. He recently completed the M.A.P. Coaching Clinic with elite surf coach and World Tour veteran, Jay "Bottle" Thompson. 

Coach Nelson is 100% committed to the success of his athletes and has spent the last several years dedicated to developing new and exciting methods to help each athlete reach their goals and potential.

Fitness Director and Surf Coach Jenn Diamond caught her first waves in 2003 in Monmouth County, NJ. Since then she has travelled to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, North and South Carolina, Hawaii, and California to work on her skills. A National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, Jenn has a decade of experience helping others achieve their fitness goals. This includes Marines and Naval personnel. She is now working with Pro Surf Coaches to help clients elevate their surfing to the next level with effective Surf Fitness Training and Programs.  

In addition to her NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition certificates, Jenn holds a Bachelor's degree in Politics from Ursinus College, a Master's in Journalism from Indiana University, and is currently working on her Master's in Public Administration through Capella University.

Mission and Legacy

ProSurf Coaches is dedicated to helping our athletes achieve their goals in their surfing through proper training, behind the scenes support and through a solid fitness regimen.

We are also aware of our responsibility to the surf

community, to our oceans and to those living with disabilities. ProSurf Coaches is also dedicated to supporting local business, keeping our beaches and oceans clean and to helping surfers with disabilities enjoy the ocean through volunteer service.

Adaptive Surfing


The Adaptive Surfing Foundation (501C3 pending)

is our founders dream for performance surfing for surfers living with disabilities. Our goal is to be able to build specialized equipment and surfboards as well as create surfing and travel opportunities for these amazing individuals. To help us help these dedicated and hard core surfers, call us at 858.4721.382 today. 

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