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We have over 100 surfboards in our quiver. This helps broaden your experience as well as give you the opportunity to ride the right board for the conditions. We also work with a world-class local shaper, Brian Wynn to help you purchase the best board for your money. With our "Ride Before You Buy" policy, it takes the guesswork out of your next surfboard purchase. 


Wetsuits and Gear We also have over 200 wetsuits and accessories available for use and for rent. 

NOTE We have a variety of full wetsuits yet sizes are limited, particularly winter wetsuits. All gear is available on a first come, first served basis.


New/Beginner Client Policy Surfboards,wetsuits and gear are available for the first 3 sessions of your program. After your third session is will be expected for you to have your own gear. If you need help finding new or used equipment please talk with your coach. We are here to help you.


Delivery Rental Gear can be delivered to your location. Please call 858.472.1382 for details.  

Deposit and Returned Equipment Policy All loaned and rented equipment require a deposit and must be returned in the condition it was received in. See below for the full policy. 

Rental Fees and Policies

Shortboard, Mid-length, or Longboard Rental (includes leash)




3 hour session                $50

Day Rental                      $75

Deposit (required)          $500

Softboard Rental (includes leash)

3 hour session                 $20

Day Rental                       $30

Deposit (required)           $250

Springsuit and Short Sleeve Wetsuit Rentals

3 hour session                 $25

Day Rental                       $50

Deposit                            $75

Full Wetsuit Rentals 
Includes boots and gloves (if necessary)



Day Rental                       $65

Deposit (required)            $100

3 hour session                 $35

Deposit, Loss and Damaged Gear Policy 

All Loaned or Rented Equipment Require a Deposit and must be returned clean and in the condition it was received. You are responsible for this equipment and you will be charged for any damages, cleaning or loss. 

Sandy boards and wetsuits will be assessed a $10 cleaning fee

Damaged or lost springsuits and short-sleeved suits will be assessed a $75 repair/replacement fee

Damaged or lost fullsuits will be assessed a $250 repair/replacement fee 

Damaged (minor) surfboards will be assessed a minimum of a $100 repair fee 

Damaged (major) surfboards will be assessed a minimum of $300 repair fee

Lost or destroyed surfboards will forfeit your deposit. 

All Deposits will be returned at the end of the day, minus any damages

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